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Connecting on a personal level

Connecting with families is the aim of the game, which is why our experts are sharing their strategies for personalising your communication (without the leg work!).
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CEO & Founder
Easy School Marketing

Aubrey Bursch is passionate about supporting small and independent schools to increase enrolments, retention, and revenue. As the daughter of lifelong educators and the mom of two independent school students, she combines her passion for schools with her 20+ years of marketing and development experience to help schools identify and implement high ROI initiatives.

Aubrey co-hosts the Mindful School Marketing podcast, leads free Small School Leaders monthly meet-ups, facilitates the Small School Solutions professional development program, hosts the Small School Leaders Virtual Conference, and speaks nationwide.

"Learning and growing is part of working in a school. We expect it of our students and teachers, and we should also do it ourselves. Setting aside time for professional development - like watching The Admissions Club - gives us fresh strategies and resources that can have a profound impact on how we plan our year and meet our goals." - Aubrey

Emmet Consulting

Paul is a Partner at Emmet Consulting, a company made up of education strategy and marketing specialists, and experts in cross-team alignment.

Having personally worked with schools and those who provide services to them for over a decade, he’s passionate about education for students of all ages and proud to play a small part in supporting such a meaningful industry.

Emmet’s work spans some of Australia’s best-known educational institutions, across departments including marketing, admissions, and advancements. Its projects range from brand strategy through to the establishment of digital marketing best practices. Emmet also handles Digistorm’s implementations, and supports schools who are undertaking wholesale repositioning within their local markets.

"As someone who works to align different teams towards shared goals, I’m a first-hand witness of the power of individual self-improvement. The Admissions Club was created to help marketing and admissions pros level themselves up in their professional lives, and in the process level up their teams with them." - Paul

Formerly Customer Experience Manager at Digistorm

During her time at Digistorm, Monica was all things customer facing. Spending her career in digital transformation, she has seen first hand the importance of considered change management with an empathetic approach to the impacted stakeholders.

Working in the front line of hundreds of process improvement implementations across multiple industries she has lent on many tools and frameworks to ensure their success.

Digistorm builds websites, apps and admissions management systems for over 700 schools around the world. Specialising in the K-12 school sector, Digistorm’s easy-to-use and custom branded tools help schools attract, nurture and connect with their communities.

"There are always opportunities to improve how we do things. The best place to start and to gain confidence in your ability to implement change is exposure to new information and learning how others are doing things. The Admissions Club gives you direct access to applicable and relatable ideas for you to pick up and run with at your school. You don’t have to sift through corporate related content to find information that relates to your everyday, The Admissions Club experts have done that for you." - Monica

Senior Manager of Marketing & Enrollment
Maryland International School & Children’s Manor & Magnet Montessori School

Lindsay is a school marketing professional with an MBA from Mount St. Mary’s University. She began her career in healthcare marketing, and has worked in school marketing since 2019. Lindsay is currently the Senior Manager of Marketing and Admissions at Maryland International School (MDIS) and Children’s Manor & Magnet Montessori Schools (CMMS), which has 10 locations across Maryland, USA.

MDIS is a private, 1-12 school and is the only school in Maryland (and the second school in the mid-atlantic region) to offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. CMMS prepares children to excel in a global society by providing an academically rigorous, engaging, and supportive learning environment using the Montessori Method.

"The Admissions Club can provide school professionals with practical tips from marketing and admissions experts from around the world. Take some time to get a fresh perspective to help your marketing and admissions efforts; you’re bound to learn something new!" - Lindsay

Founder & President
Truth Tree

Trevor Waddington is an ‘edupreneur’ and leading expert on school digital marketing, digital psychology, and behavioural economics that drives parent’s search for their children’s next school.

He began his career in the classroom, quickly moving into administration, and for 17 years has held directorships in admissions, marketing, communications, enrolment management, and financial aid. In 2016 Trevor launched Truth Tree, an award-winning digital marketing agency that provides strategies & solutions for schools.

"Change happens in an instant these days, and it’s impossible to be an expert in more than one area. The Admission Club provides all that you need so the experts can help you on-demand, when you need it most." - Trevor

College and Career Counselor & Admissions Coordinator
The Maryland International School

Following a career that spanned over twenty years in higher education admissions, Kim now serves at the College and Career Counsellor and Admissions Coordinator at the Maryland International School.

Maryland International School is a private 1-12 school, and the only school in Maryland and the 2nd school in the Mid-Atlantic region to offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes (Primary Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Diploma Programme).

"The Admissions Club is a unique opportunity for educators to learn from experts in a wide range of professions. The Admissions Club will encourage its members to think about their work from a different perspective." - Kim

Director of Marketing
Truth Tree

Liz has successfully led independent schools, charter schools, and universities in award-winning admissions, financial aid, retention, marketing, and branding efforts for over fifteen years.

She has been in the trenches—giving tours, developing marketing strategies, crunching numbers, and strategising to grow enrolments. Liz knows the pressures (and joys!) schools face, and she loves working with marketing and admissions teams to drive quality families to a school.

"Having a team of experts at the tip of your fingers is exactly what schools need. The Admissions Club is chock full of great brains who are here to help schools!" - Liz

Founder and CEO
SchneiderB Media and The MarCom Society

Brendan Schneider is the founder and CEO of SchneiderB Media, a digital marketing agency for schools that focuses on increasing inquiries. He’s one of the leaders in the field for teaching on and knowledge about inbound marketing for schools. In addition, Brendan presents and consults on inbound marketing, social media, SEO, and marketing technology at the regional and national levels.

With his workshops, blog, podcast, VirCons and SEO Coach software, he continues to advance the abilities of the independent school admission, communication, and marketing professional. Brendan is also the founder of The MarCom Society, a community created exclusively for Marketing and Communication (MarCom) Professionals at schools.

"The older I’ve gotten, I’ve realised the less I know. So, as a result, I set time each week to engage in professional development, and The Admissions Club is perfect for all advancement professionals at schools to learn each week." - Brendan


Onboarding Specialist

Georgie is a Project Manager and Onboarding Specialist with over six years experience delivering digital projects for the commercial marketing industry.

She has a passion for teaching and has provided internal, on the job training to professional managers at home in Australia and abroad in the USA.

Georgie’s day-to-day is spent instructing admissions teams to use Digistorm ‘Funnel’ and implement new software solutions to advance K-12 schools around the world.

Digistorm builds websites, apps and admissions management systems for over 700 schools around the world. Specialising in the K-12 school sector, their easy-to-use and custom branded tools help schools attract, nurture and connect with their communities.

"The Admissions Club is an invaluable insight into how the world’s leading school marketers and professionals are employing cutting edge techniques and opportunities to advance their schools. The content is easy to digest, and will leave you feeling inspired to make a difference for your school after every episode!" - Georgie