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From digital marketing to student retention, The Admissions Club experts will inspire you with strategies and resources to help you hit your school’s goals.

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The Admissions Club

Strategies and resources to help your school grow, curated by Digistorm.

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Digistorm Presents

The Admissions Club

From digital marketing to student retention, let our experts inspire you with strategies and resources to help you achieve your school’s goals. Grab your team and follow along for fresh tips and strategies from our line up of industry professionals, and of course a few of our own Digistorm experts.

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EP 1・2 min watch
Welcome to The Admissions Club
You’re in! Gather your team and get ready. Our experts are going to guide you through what it takes to level up your admissions and marketing skills.
EP 2・12 min watch
Customer Experience 101
The heart of your school’s reputation is its Customer Experience. Our experts show you how to turn your community into raving fans.
EP 3・14 min watch
One team, one goal
Teamwork makes the dream work. Aligning your marketing and admissions teams towards one goal - now that’s the way forward.
EP 4・15 min watch
Marketing to millennials
Digitally savvy, pragmatic, and here to stay…meet millennial parents. Expectations are shifting, and so should your marketing if you want to reach this big parent cohort.
EP 5・10 min watch
Top of Google, top of mind
To be top of mind for families, you first need to be top of search engines. Learn how to get your number one marketing tool, your school website, to a top spot on Google.
EP 6・10 min watch
Social media for schools
Learn how social media fits into your overall marketing strategy, and how you can get more likes, follows, and community engagement.
EP 7・11 min watch
Subject: Email marketing for schools
Our experts share how to increase your open rates and click through rates, and develop more personalised content to engage your community.
EP 8・8 min watch
Mapping the admissions journey
From start to finish, our experts help you build high converting admissions journeys by creating personalised experiences for families.
EP 9・12 min watch
Level up your recruitment events
Want an event families will be talking about for days? Our experts share best practices and inspiration to help you create standout events that boost enrolments.
EP 10・8 min watch
Connecting on a personal level
Connecting with families is the aim of the game, which is why our experts are sharing their strategies for personalising your communication (without the leg work!).
EP 11・7 min watch
Connecting your community
Communication can make or break your school community. Our experts give tips and tricks for creating parent engagement in a digitally noisy world.
EP 12・10 min watch
A recipe for retention
In this episode we explore why keeping your existing families happy is much easier (and cheaper!) than acquiring new ones. We explore how you can improve long term retention at your school.
EP 13・2 min watch
That's a wrap
That’s it, you’ve taken your first step on your journey to improving your school's admissions and marketing. From all our experts: Welcome to The Admissions Club!
About our experts

Our trusted K-12 practitioners have global experience, and their strategies will be a great addition to your toolkit.

With years of insight across various specialties in the school admissions landscape, you’ll learn everything you need to know to hit your (and your school’s!) growth goals.

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From developing the first school app in Australia to building award-winning products for over 700 schools around the world, Digistorm develops custom apps, websites, and enrolment management systems that help K-12 schools grow and connect their communities.

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